Voices of the Rib & Quin

a local history project recording
reminiscences from the Rib & Quin valleys

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Have you a story to tell?

The story of the our rivers has wound its way through eons of time since the dead bodies of microscopic crustaceans in the shallow seas the cretaceous period began to form the chalk that underpins our landscape of today.

Our most recent histories however and those of the people that live here are often lost as our own lives march on. These stories are the benchmarks by which change is assessed and our connection with the past maintained.

Taking some inspiration from that great social historian of Victorian East Anglia, George Ewart Evans, FORQ wold like to contribute in a small way to the recording of our own social history. We have created a form to record individual reminiscences of the rivers, the history, archaeology, wildlife, fishing and memories of occasions spent in work and play, on, around or living near them. The form asks for contact details so if it is appropriate we can get back in touch and if you have any photos or documents, do let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you