Last chance to see…. ?

“I still remember when I saw my first one. It was just magical, and every summer I still get a pang of excitement on seeing the first one. Wouldn’t it be sad if there weren’t these things any more?”

The Guardian, 6 March 2020

This quote comes from the Environment Agency’s Tim Gardiner in an article in today’s Guardian that brings attention to the rapidly falling numbers of Glow worms in the UK, but I suspect it could have been made by anyone who has experienced finding one of these amazing insects. That we have a known population in the Rib Valley brings home how lucky we are in the context of the recent research indicating numbers of glow-worms may have fallen by up to three quarters since 2001.

The article is also another reminder of how citizen science projects are so valuable in today’s conservation efforts.

This is the first study to provide hard data on long-term changes in the glow-worm population. The research, published in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity, used data collected by citizen scientists during nighttime walks in June, July and August each year.

The Guardian, 6 March 2020