WANTED: Riverfly monitors

Monitoring the health of our rivers is a very clear and important aim of our group. To achieve this the Angling community, Rivers and Wildlife Trusts have developed Riverfly monitoring as a way to measure water quality through the presence of key invertebrate groups. As the same method is also used by the Environment Agency, citizen science data supplements and enhances statutory testing to give a more detailed, year round picture of a monitored site.

Riverfly monitoring is a long-term project that will require a growing team of volunteers if we are to expand on the rather limited statutory monitoring currently on the Rib and Quin. Happily though, the activity is terrific fun and a great way to get your hands wet with some proper science that make’s a difference to our understanding of our rivers and their health – I think of it as grown-up pond dipping in the aid of science!

This video I found on YouTube gives a great idea of what is involved in taking a 3 minute kick sample…..

…. whilst this video shows that the invertebrates we are looking for aren’t difficult to identify.

If all this has piqued your interest, there is the opportunity to have a taster at HMWT’s Riverfly Day at The Boxmoor Trust in Hemel Hempstead on 14th March, details here >>. Alternatively, drop us an email at FORQcomms@gmail.com and we will give you more details.