The river runs!

It’s been great to see so much rain in recent weeks. Across Hertfordshire rivers that have been dry during the summer have started to run again and I heard this week that the spring at the source of the River Chess was running again, indicating that the water in the rivers is not just surface run-off from the rainfall either but starting to soak through to recharge the chalk aquifer.

Our Buntingford based Secretary David Edwards sent these pictures today of the River Rib running with a good flow through the centre of town. After months that saw scarcely more than a dribble passing through downstream this is a welcome sight and a reminder of what our rivers could and perhaps should look like.

With a river you get life and as if to prove the point, a kingfisher has been spotted recently, making the most of the increase in water and small fish contained within. David saw it again today, again right in the middle of town – can you see it in the photograph below?

We would be very interested to hear about your kingfisher sightings, whether it is in Buntingford, Braughing, Standon or anywhere else along the Quin or Rib. Send us an email or post something on our Facebook page – a picture and exact location would be great but not essential – and we will compile them into a map of your sightings.